Plants 2 - FLF

Can you have too much of a good thing?  Well probably, but pretty plants don't fall into the same category as gelato *wink*.

Out for Fifty Linden Friday some companion plants to a {what next} previous release. These come with and without stands and have a texture change menu as well as simple color changes for the plains. I used the "select face" option in the build menu to tint the plain pots to my liking.

Public, Group and Owner Owner options via menu.

You don't want to miss these!

Fantasy Faire - The Spirit Pool

One of the most impressive and well made builds of Fantasy Faire is The Spirit Pool. Both massive and vast it seems larger than it's sim borders would suggest. Be sure and visit.

From Independent Objects, this is the Elf Warrior Danicya Grey set. Mesh body and standard size fits are included in the pack. Other colors are available.

I had been wearing my Bento Rings from MEVA all week, but in gold.  Aware of a fashion faux pas in the making, I unpacked the silver set. Just a pretty!  Find them at Epiphany.

My sleek hair is Monica from Rama.Salon. The huds include five base colors per color set (blonds dark, blonds light, blondes pale for example) with two choices of roots.  Very pretty. Three sizes are included in the pack. Find Monica at Tres Chic.

My ERSCH  Hannah Necklace in black is also available at Tres Chic.

Pose by: Di's Opera

Who Am I? Vlog

My Very First Video Blog - Who Am I?

For a Strawberry Singh's blogger challenge.