Night Scene

night storage

New events open this week. Shop, shop, shop.

From Tres Chic:

E-Clipse Design Moon set in many colors and big three fits. Perfect for at home lounging, the gym and late night wanderings. Shown are just two parts of the release which also include a harness and some fishnet high waist undies.

From [Since1975] a Smart Watch with color change hud and timezone changing abilities.

Fashionable, minimalist design is hefty enough for guys too. Resize scripted.

Hair by Dela, Sadie -- also at Tres Chic.

The Lancaster Worktable debuts at ULTRA and includes the many-drawered chest as well as the industrial lighting. Lights turn on and off individually.  Look for it at the Newchurch booth.

Poses by: aDORKable

Freebie Saturday Eight

threesome - Freebie Saturday

It's been a bountiful week for sure in the gift department. Too many to name but here are a few in artistic, tease ya form. If they look interesting be sure an venture out to gather.

Left:  Julia's Scandal Marcus Sweater GIFT. Many many mesh body fits including standard sizing. (Free group needed)

Middle: Hilly Haalan  GIFT Pam Valentine's Dress in black (actually maroon) Free group needed. A red version is in the pack.  Check past group gifts in the small building near the landing point. There is another very cute dress available but color coordinating undies are mandatory and no one seemed to have any LOL. Even Xia wasn't brave enough for version 2 and she is pretty brave *wink*.

Right: E-Clipse Valentine gift for guys (one for gals also at the E-Clipse gals store).  Lots of great looking wearables so check out the walls when you are there. (Free group needed)

Photo taken at the Photography building at MOSP where you can use the studio with photo backdrops taken in Second Life.

Poses by: NLA (antique)

Valentina - New Full Body Free

A new free altamura full body avatar is out at the main shop for Valentines. She is a bit healthier -- in the body fat category-- than Jenny and has a very pretty face. Light skin tone and plenty of alpha cuts might make this just the right body for you.

This is Valentina pretty much as she comes out of the box. Slink shoes obviously fit. I sized down her breasts a bunch to fit into this dress and changed her head shape a tad so that this rigged hair would fit.  All in all a very nice look.

The pluses are "no neck seam" and lots of alpha cuts. The minuses are "no skintone changes" and likely not as easy to find clothes for.

But, if you or your alt is looking for a free way to test out the mesh body waters, you might want to give Valentina a try.

Currently the group is free to join.

Photos taken at Timeless Memories.

Poses by: Behavior Body